Monday, April 18, 2011

Thought #14 Fitting In

Hi you guys sorry I've been away for so long. I've been clearing my head and getting my thoughts together on wether I should remain in New York or return back home to California and I've made my decision... I'm staying in New York! I went to California for a week during my spring break and though it was hard for me to leave I realized that I belong to New York now. I don't see myself living anywhere other than New York ever again in life.

Also recently I learned that I passed all of my classes last quarter. I feel really good about passing my classes, it lets me know that I can focus and get good grades despite whatever I'm going though in personal life, and that school will and always must come first. As of now I'm enrolled in 5 classes this quarter so that I can graduate earlier and attend a school for journalism. I still have the same plan and I'm going to follow it to get where I want to be in life God willing.

I can officially say that I fit in in New York and it feels good to do so.

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