Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thought #27 An unorthodox way of dress!

How many of you out there know or have seen an Orthodox Jewish women. Lot's of us right? How can we tell that their orthodox? Well usually by their way of dress, most orthodox jewish women wear long dresses or skirts and long sleeve sweaters and cardigans. How many of us say that " we wish they were able to wear something different"? That they were able to show their own individuality through fashion? Well I have and for as long as I can remember I never understood why they couldn't they don't spice up their traditional way of dress. It was until I started my current internship that I seen an orthodox jewish women add a hint of fashion to her style. Take a look below and see how times have changed!


Here is my fellow intern Michelle doesn't she look amazing?

Here one of my classmates from school who is also Orthodox Jewish look how she styles it up!

Look at how both of these women color block and accessorize. They still look sophisticated and respectable but very stylish, go ladies!

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