Monday, April 18, 2011

Thought #15 More Backyard Fun

Here's a photo of me and one of my very good photographer friends Rih. We were just in my backyard messing around trying on the clothes we had just bought while thirfting that day. We both got a few very nice pieces of clothing at an outrageous price. My whole outfit including loafers you can't see was $11.00's and hers including her loafers were around $6.00's. I always find good and easy to put together garments when shopping w.Rih. Our friendship is one that I am glad to have had since the 7th grade.

Thought #14 Fitting In

Hi you guys sorry I've been away for so long. I've been clearing my head and getting my thoughts together on wether I should remain in New York or return back home to California and I've made my decision... I'm staying in New York! I went to California for a week during my spring break and though it was hard for me to leave I realized that I belong to New York now. I don't see myself living anywhere other than New York ever again in life.

Also recently I learned that I passed all of my classes last quarter. I feel really good about passing my classes, it lets me know that I can focus and get good grades despite whatever I'm going though in personal life, and that school will and always must come first. As of now I'm enrolled in 5 classes this quarter so that I can graduate earlier and attend a school for journalism. I still have the same plan and I'm going to follow it to get where I want to be in life God willing.

I can officially say that I fit in in New York and it feels good to do so.