Monday, April 16, 2012

Thought #36 Mom's the word

I've been living here in NYC for a year and three months now and my mom never had time to visit in between me going back home ever few months because I was soooo homesick lol but now that I've started interning at different magazines I'm not able to go home as much. I hadn't seen my mom since January when she dropped me off at LAX after Christmas break but she finallyyyyy took time away from work and visited me!!! lol I was so happy to see her I mean I felt like my regular self around her it just felt really good being around her, laughing with her & talking to her. She stayed from this past Wednesday to yesterday Saturday morning she hates taking off from work but it was nice to see her. We did all the normal tourist things lol man I really really had a good time with her! The next time we see each other I hope it's at home back in California!! lol below is a photo of us in Time Square looking like tourist lol.

Love you Mom!

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