Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thought #39 Leave Me Aloan

I don't know about any of you college students out there but me, I hate hearing the word "loan" that word alone makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. When I wanted to attend an out of state college at the age of 20 because I was "tired" of California I told my mom last minuet about my plans and I moved myself to New York. My mom isn't the wealthiest mother in world and she isn't the not wealthiest but being as though I made a last minuet decision without her she had no time to save up so I got a loan. My mom was so against doing this but I insisted so she she went along with it. Long story short is my school denied my loan three quarters before I was suppose to graduate. We spent a quarter trying to figure out why that happened and we now know what happened and what we need to do to fix it but it sucks having to have the stress on your back that you may not be in school and graduate with your class. It's a very disheartening. It's something that so many of my friends have gone through in attending my school on both the east and west coast. My mom is getting everything straightened out and I will continue my journey through this crap of a school but some aren't that lucky. I just say to you guys out there dealing with this it will get better I promise; have faith.. .

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