Friday, January 13, 2012

Thought #31 The On The Goer

Today was my first day of school for 2012 and boy was it hard adjusting to waking up to an alarm clock again and my body adjusting back to eastern standard time lol. After I pried myself out of bed I hurried up got dressed and headed to school. A little later in today I had an interview with Teen-Vogue I hope I did a good job selling myself. After the interview I headed back to school for my last class of the day whew. Upon getting home I ate a little dinner read a few blogs then headed to bed now I wish I didn't go to bed so early because I'm up at 3am bored and I have another class at 8am lol I'll get it together by next week!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Thought #30 Happy New Years

So I've been back home for winter break and I've been having the time of my life! My friends and I have been having so much fun catching up and feeling like we're those silly high school kids with credit cards lol. On thursday the 29th of December my bestfriend Ashley asked me if I wanted to go on a last minuet trip to Las Vegas first I thought to myself ahhh don't go you've been to vegas 100's of times but me being bored with attending Hollywood because it is such a common thing for us locals I said yes and we drove to vegas that night.. . well I drove while Ashley slept lol. We stayed at the Imperial Palace its a nice and quiet hotel right off of the strip. Of course we did the tourist thing and walked around and took photos lol here are a few.

Here are some photos of how the Bellagio hotel was decorated inside I myself would have to say it looked amazing and beautiful.

Happy New Years everyone <3