Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thought #33 Thread room fun

Here at my school The Art Institute of New York City we have a room that caters to the fashion design & fashion merchandising and marketing students called the thread/resource room. In this room we have an endless amount of fabric swatches and fashion magazines. We're allowed to take as many swatches as we need and as well the magazines under the swatch bar. The magazine that are on the shelves are not to be used for anything other than reading because they are current issues and past issues that you won't ever be able to find lol most design students go to the for inspiration. Below are a few photos of me choosing a swatches for a mood board I have to do for my specialty market class.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thought #32 What'd you find?

As most of you may know I thrift. When I say I thrift I mean I really really thrift lol. Here's a quick video of some of my purchased goods I found at the thrift store. I didn't go to my usual spot Unique Thrift in Brooklyn those videos will be coming soon, this video will contain finds from Beacon's Closet Williamsburg; Brooklyn.