Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thought #37 12am

After a long day of interning and from interning to school coming home at night lying in bed and watching my favorite show "THE CITY" gives me so much relief. As you all know I just recently ended my winter/spring internship at Teen-Vogue Magazine I know I know I teared up as I walked out of the building for the last time but as I always say that when one door closes another one opens. Speaking to all of you interns out there always make sure to give an internship your all, you never know who you'll need or who can help you at in the end. Because I did such a good job my boss the fashion assistant referred me to Marie Claire as an intern to the Accessories Market Editor and omg I've never been happier. I love love love accessories though I was a fashion intern at T-V I always strayed over to the accessories side and now I'm back to accessories ahhh yay me lol. Being an accessories intern at MC is so much more than sample trafficking I get to do more administrative task and really get an in-depth look on how an accessories page is put together and just how much of an impact accessories has on the magazine and I love every minuet of it!

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